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Fundamental core components in framework components and also the brief description of all components. by Prashant Hinduja (Chief Android Trainer,Samsung India)

Android training Part – 6 by Prashant Hinduja (Chief Trainer,Android, Samsung India) In this session Prashant has covered following topics of Android: Detail of the dalvik virtual machine. Application development. Fundamental core components in framework components and also the brief description of all components. Do go through the entire training session properly to understand the listed topics in entirety.

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What jQuery is? (Ex. CTO and Founder of Brainvisa Technologies)

Transcript: jQuery is a library built on javascript, it allows you to write lots of client side code in a very easy way. For example, if some application code in java is written in about 10 lines you can potentially  write the same in jQuery in one line. There are lots of  libraries available for codes but jQuery is most popular among all of this that’s why we are focusing on jQuery. (Vikas Kumar – Ex. CTO and Founder of […]

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How do you compensate a fresher’s profile who has been leader in school/college to the level at which he/she can work with the people and become a leader? (CEO BioAnalytical Technologies)

Ajit Chaphalkar – CEO BioAnalytical Technologies, addresses a very important and real concern of the youngsters regarding how will their leadership qualities be first looked upon and ultimately rewarded by the corporate world. The message here is very, but to get the same watch this extremely relevant and interesting video byte.

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What are the different profiles available in national and international marketing domain? (Director – J L Morison (India) Ltd)

Transcript: In international and nation is more of question of skill to begin with, then it’s a question of cultural adaptation then it’s also question of understanding by some kind of product by the work in the national environment not internationally. Some international market is more mature then more we are or vice-versa, when you understand these of the differences that need to be tackle and then it’s OK.  But otherwise if a marketing person you respect you are respectful of […]

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What is the importance of “Team Work” in a corporate scenario? (Operations Head – Infosys Ltd).

A team player is a basically a  person who can put his individual inspirations on back burner to achieve the team goal, So in a big organization,  an individual may not be able to make all that differences and it is generally true until and unless you reach a very high label where you are taking a decision on behalf of the company, so till you reach that stage it is always a team player. For complete answer, watch the […]

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More about Android-(Co-founder at BharatHealth.com)

Transcript: More and more mobile applications are becoming integral part of web technology. Mobile applications are similar to desktop application that you download and run but that’s not so true because today most mobile application are very lightly going to have server side component. Where they talk to a data so, it’s much more like a web application than a desktop application. In front end, I will like to include mobile front end also and there are two major players. 1. I-phone and the […]

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